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Gesture System

Exvision Gesture System (EGS)

Exvision Gesture System (EGS) is a gesture system developed on our Hi-Speed Vision technology.

We currently develop two types of gesture systems (EGS-Touch and EGS-Lite) to provide suitable solutions for different applications.

EGS – Touch

This system which supports multi-touch and mouse controls is currently used in our ZKOO by Exvision gesture camera (

1.Intuitive controls

- Control displays from a distance as if you are actually touching them.

2.Precision with virtually zero latency

- Lag this is present in existing gesture systems is eliminated with EGS, allowing for comfortable gesture controls.
- Click on icons to start apps and type on the keyboard just as if using the mouse or touchscreen.
- A wide range of devices are supported as requirements from the host device are minimal.

3.Easy application development

- Any application developed for Windows/Android touch or mouse controls can be used with gesture.


Exvision Gesture Camera for Interactive Digital Signage

EGS - Lite

This system allows assignment of certain gestures to specific commands for a simple solution. Compared to EGS ? ZKOO, this stripped-down software solution can be implemented with a wider range of processors and cameras.

1.Assign gestures such as wave and circle to specific controls.
2.Run the gesture system on a wide range of processors and cameras
3.Achieve low latency, stable gesture controls *running camera at 120fps recommended


EGS Lite - Motion Control with Simple Gestures
















EGS Lite - Gesture Control from 100ft away